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Duo Alto

Duo Alto is the result of a renewed encounter of flutist Anat Nazarathy and saxophonist Noa Mick who met for the first time in the United States in their childhood. Their paths separated and they crossed again during their military service in the Israeli Defence Force Orchestra. 


After choosing separate paths for their Bachelor’s studies, they met again four years ago at the Basel Music Academy, where they founded Duo Alto in 2016. The duo focuses on the interpretation of contemporary music, the exploration of the possibilities of this particular instrumental formation, and the creation and development of the repertoire. In addition, the duo explores new approaches to integrating theatrical elements into their performances. The duo aspires to engage the public's interest in contemporary music in an intriguing and stimulating way.

The duo works with leading musicians in the field of new music, such as saxophonist Marcus Weiss, flutist Eva Fuhrer, Meitar Ensemble, conductor Bas Wiegers, dancer Gabi Mahler and percussionist composer Jean-Pierre Drouet as a part of their recent performance “ Miroirs”.

The Duo is regularly invited to perform in concert halls and festivals in Switzerland, Germany, and Israel.

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